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PLAYLIST music player

UI & UX designed by The Skins Factory

Introducing the ridiculously easy-to-use, incredibly stylish music player
app for iPhone and iPod Touch's music library. Simplify your beat.™

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The World's Premier Interface Design Company

For over 17 years, the UI & UX designers at The Skins Factory have delivered world-class results
in the areas of desktop, browser & mobile design, as we deliver the latest design trends to the
world's biggest brands & startups. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Clutch Announces The Skins Factory #1 UX / UI Top Design Firm in Miami! Also #1 in Digital Design and #1 in Logo Design.

The UX Design Architects of Tomorrow.

The Skins Factory's specialty has always been creating custom, high-profile user interfaces. Established in 2000, we have designed the front-end experience for countless applications and services across an array of platforms and specialized devices for the worlds largest and most influential brands.

Our design team has the capability to step in at any stage of an application's user interface design and deliver best-in-class deliverables. From developing the interaction wireframes to wrapping an entirely new visual design over existing architecture, we've got it covered. Desktop, Browser, or Mobile, there's nothing we can't do.

Undeniable Passion. Unparalleled Results.

Our stellar reputation in the user interface design industry has been built on the foundation of our fierce commitment to excellence in all aspects of the user interface design process. Our work has shipped on Windows OS & has been used by hundreds of millions of end-users.

We are the world's premier user interface design company for a reason - we understand & flawlessly execute the "less is more" methodology. We understand that form & function must work in perfect symmetry, to both enchant & engage end-users, while presenting our clients' underlying technologies with unparalleled ease-of-use.

It seems that perfection is reached not when there is nothing left to add,<br>
				but where there is nothing left to take away.
			-Antoine de Saint-Expuéry

User Interface Design

The Art of Illuminated Technology™.

When it comes to designing rich visual experiences that delight the end-user, elevate the perceived value of the product or application and address every one of our clients' requirements, The Skins Factory as a studio knows no peer.

Our extensive experience in developing hundreds of comprehensive front-end designs for everything from simple mobile apps to data-intensive enterprise systems gives us an edge few others can match. Each and every pixel is placed with a combination of forethought, intuition and experience.

Inspired Design.

Whether it's reproducing highly-realistic real world surfaces and lighting in unexpected ways or drilling down to utter simplicity and understated 2D elegance, we run the gamut of possibility and produce the absolute best possible visual experience for any given project.

Desktop. Web. Mobile. We can do it all.

User Interaction Design

Our Core Philosophy... Keep It Simple.

From the start, we embark straight away with an eye towards the final visual aesthetic, while we road map intuitive functionality & quantify the ease-of-use of the design. These efforts manifests themselves in highly-annotated wireframes & visually-rich prototypes, with innovation & mechanics woven into the heart of the experience from the ground up. There is a new paradigm when it comes to end-user expectations, that simplicity & aesthetics co-exist in symmetrical harmony. Our core design philosophy is best defined by premier architect Mies van der Rohe's adopted motto: Less is more.

Accelerating the Possibilities with Visual Prototyping.

Our world-class, meticulous wireframes & visual prototypes lay the groundwork for a better understanding of the final product right from the start. As solid concepts quickly emerge, they provide all invested parties with a clear and concise common reference aid in development through to completion. No more guessing what it might look like. As a result we see an accelerated development cycle in comparison to other studios, and this observation has been conveyed to us by clients time & time again.

Web Design

Refreshingly Creative.

A successful website design needs to deliver its content quickly and effectively, but this doesn't mean you have to settle for a bland, stripped-down looking website. At The Skins Factory, we're able to apply our extensive cross-disciplinary experience to virtually every aspect of a website's visual development & interaction design. From meticulously-crafted wireframes & prototypes to stunning final graphics.

With the high level of sophistication of today's user, it's become critical to redeploy the kind of interaction users expect from a desktop or mobile experience to the web.

Trusted Results.

An online music store for The Walt Disney Company’s internet group, a one-sheet landing page for the hit action movie xXx, MSN Spaces layouts for Microsoft, cloud-based productivity & accounting suites, search portals - we've done it all.

Brand Identity Design

Extraordinary Vision.

Whether your company requires our design specialists to conceive or re-conceptualize an existing brand, our team will work your executives or marketing team to develop and design a brand that will convey your company, service or product’s intent to the public in a refreshingly creative way. For logo design, we can create both print and web-ready logos including full collateral packages.

To our credit we’ve created product & company names for our clients, handled the design of the logo’s creation and created the rules for the brand’s style guide.

“During the creation & growth of Virtual Heroes Inc., we funded & provided detailed creative briefs to several brand designers who came highly recommended. The results we received however, did not hit the “wow” factor we were seeking. At a point where we were exhausted in this process and about to settle, we discovered The Skins Factory.” Jerry Heneghan, CEO of Virtual Heroes, Inc.

Custom UI Kit Design

Empowering Our Clients.

A custom UI kit is essentially a comprehensive library containing the required interface elements for a given project, including all control states, icons, modals, standard navigational elements and label font specifications, often supplied with a number of additional elements not required for the project, in order to cover the common gamut of control types and assist in future scalability. We typically create the design language across a limited number of supplied screens to give the client or their developer(s) sufficient reference of these elements in use and establish basic rules with regards to visual style, layout and spacing. Deliverables take the form of comprehensive, organized PSD files.

With the custom UI kit, our client can build out existing or future application screens using the supplied UI elements. For a company with multiple applications, the kit is a cost-effective way to insure a design language symmetry across the board.

Icon Design

Big Things Come in Little Packages.

Never under-estimate the power of the icon. No other single UI element has the ability to make or break the implied quality of a product or service with a single glance.

Over the years, The Skins Factory has created gorgeous 3D icons, including many mission-critical (and mind-blowing) collections for companies like Intel, Disney & Toyota to name a few.

Employing the world's best icon artists, we're able to create everything from flawlessly-executed 2D silhouette toolbar icons to stunning animated 3D masterpieces that convey flawless detail at any scale, from the desktop all the way up to billboard size.

Contact us for world-class icon design & development.

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